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Thus, start is on the beach of the camp named after Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, water stage consists of three sections, two of which are 625 m long each and the third one is 250 m along the buoys.


Water stage for amateurs also consists of three sections of total length 500 m.

From the water stage finish you enter the transit zone, from there – the start of the cycling stage.

Entry-exit of all stages is through the main gates of the camp. After passing the path along the camp, you will get on the public road. Go two kilometers on asphalt, then take a bend into the forest on a dirt road.

Most of the cycle route is laid on the road around the lake. Up to 3.5 km cycling and running stages coincide. Then the runners go sharply up the hill, but more on that later.
After 7 km the dirt road ends and more technical sections begin. These sections are rich in small climbs, mud in some places, and the most dangerous points are speedy rocky downhills. The segment between 10 and 12 km is the lowest speed section, marshy Mukhorinskaya river bay, then there are some rocky sections again, 2 small fords, near the last one there is a ravine, which will be signposted, and the turning point of the route is mountain Lipovskaya. It is the most difficult climb of the track. On the top you will find check point No. 2 and a feeding station.
There are almost 5 kilometers of a descent ahead.
At the mark of 20 km return to the concrete public road, it is almost 5 km of hard surface with a varied terrain. Behind the roller-ski track, the road leads into the forest again. Pay attention to the instructions of the volunteers: there will be several important turns in this area.
After 26 km we cross the village Turgoyak and along the Tourists street we reach the finish line of the cycling stage

Cycling stage for the amateurs is 5 km in one direction and then back. The route coincides with the main one, turn is in the area of the Golden Sands recreational center

Let us proceed to the running stage: as stated above, up to 3,5 km the cycle route is repeated, then after the wakeboarding base of Lake Inyshko the route goes sharply to the right in a large clearing and a climb to the mountain begins, within 200 m you will climb 50 m up, then the route goes along the wood trails, a small section goes along the electrical transmission line, then it goes sharply uphill again, this time to the left, within the segment of 300m the height gain is 60m, the climb is rocky. On the viewing platform of Lisaya Mountain the views of Lake Turgoyak and Inishko will open at the same time. This is one of the most beautiful points of the route. Check point No. 3 and a feeding station are also located there. .
Less than 5 km left! They include 1 km of descent, then there are small hills, and at 8 km the track goes to the finish asphalt.

The running stage for the amateurs is 1,5 km in one direction and then back. The route coincides with the main one, turn at the curving point from the asphalt road into the forest (in the Golden Beach area).

Speaking descriptively, it is necessary to specify, that the starting sections of the tracks coincide, but technically difficult areas are excluded from them and the total distance is significantly reduced. Nevertheless, it enables to feel the spirit of the triathlon race fully, be imbued with a competitive atmosphere and gauge your strength for covering the full distance.
P.S. The condition of the track is extremely dependent on the weather.

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